It's a Cocktail Affaire.

Poco Classics

Specialty Cocktails 13

The Newly Old-Fashioned

Riverboat Rye, Sorel hibiscus liqueur, honey water, orange bitters

The Rosy Fig Spritz

Rosemary & fig infused vodka, honey-vanilla syrup,

club soda, lemon zest

The Pumpkin Roast

High West Campfire whiskey, Crop Spiced Pumpkin vodka, maple sweetener,

fresh lemon juice, topped with ginger beer.

Sleep Walker

Chamomile infused gin, Tito's vodka, Lilet,

honey water, Angostura bitters

 Rusty Apple Toddy

Applejack whiskey, Drambuie, fresh lemon juice,

spiced apple cider, grated cinnamon (served hot!)

Raspberry Truffle 'tini'

Tito's vodka, Kahlua, Godiva white chocolate, Chambord,

splash of milk w/ a bittersweet cocoa rim


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