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The Little Wing

Nolet gin, raspberry puree, rosemary simple syrup, lemon juice 

Jimi Hendrix had the idea for his song, “Little Wing,” while playing a concert in the West Village, however, was inspired to write it when playing a festival in Monterey, California and was taken with all the beauty of nature, people, and “nice mood” (as he called it in an interview). He expressed the desire to put everything he saw around him into the form of a girl and let it fly. This cocktail has a bright pinkish red color representing female elegance with ingredients that pay homage to Jimi’s desire to embody the abstract beauty of nature and ambience. The rosemary and raspberry work well together to provide an earthy quality with a balance between citrus and subtle sweetness. Having a dry gin as a base provides just the appropriate amount of botanicals for flavor blending without overpowering the other ingredients.

"Walk on the Wild Side"

TIto's vodka, Drambui, fig compote, lime juice, egg white

A New York inspired song for a New York inspired cocktail. Due to the exotic nature and unity amongst the ingredients in this cocktail, we opted for Lou Reed’s jam about the journey of star individuals to New York and the taboos surrounding the city’s nightlife in the 70’s. Vodka is a big staple and go to for many bar goers in the city so we wanted to combine it’s popularity with ingredients that brought with them exoticism and elegance. Aside from the nutritional value of fig (one of the richest plant sources of calcium, fiber, and antioxidants), it carries with it great history in that it is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans, has been referenced in numerous historical writings and was enjoyed by the Romans back in the day (also used to feed geese for foie gras!). Combining this splendid earthy fruit with the honey and spices in Drambui provide for a voluptuous combinations. For that smooth and enticing texture we use egg whites. A great contrast between the classics and the novels- egg whites have been used in cocktails for more than a century but have faded away from most cocktail lists with time. Fear not... we are bringing them back!

"Garden Grove"

Don Julio Anejo tequila, blueberries, sage simple syrup, grapefruit juice, ginger beer

The perfect summer cocktail! “Garden Grove” is the first song on the self titled album by Sublime. To pair with a little reggae/rock love, anejo tequila is super smooth with just the right amount of kick. Being the year of the grapefruit and all, we had to highlight this ultimate craving in our summer jam along with the star super-fruit, blueberry! This healthy combo packs all the necessities: tons of enzymes and antioxidants with a mild sweet, sour and slightly bitter flavor. We bring it back down to earth with a little sage for aromatics and kick it up a notch by splashing in some bubbly ginger beer for that extra spice. A whole lot of love rolled into one gorgeous glass of summer-time happiness!



Ron Zacapa rum, apricot puree, lemon juice, brown sugar, house infused lemongrass iced tea

This is our porch sitting, head bobbing, breeze flowing, sunset loving, afternoon-sipping goodness! This tune is inspired by none other than reggae king, Bob Marley. Ron Zacapa rum gives this beauty the perfect amount of spice and sweetness as it is aged in bourbon and sherri barrels. The combination of brown sugar and apricot bring a unique caramelization and tanginess that highlight the flavor profiles in dark aged rum. We mellow the pallet with our house-made lemongrass infused iced tea (full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties). This one will definitely make you dream of a little hammock by the sea!

"Ole Slew Foot"

Bulleit Rye, bourbon vanilla bean, brown sugar, Peychaud's bitters, lemon rind

Johnny Horton was an american country/rockabilly singer and songwriter heavily influenced by folk music. His music started a trend of historical storytelling through song due to many of his tracks referencing the lifestyle and nature of old american country. The authenticity behind his lyrics provided genuine inspiration when fusing the flavors in “Ole Slew Foot”. A good ole american tune for a good ole american whiskey. Bulleit Rye has pleased whiskey drinkers high and low with it’s unparalleled complexities. There is so much goodness in this spirit that we found highlighting the oak and vanilla notes was key in creating this whiskey lover’s cocktail. We split open a fresh bourbon vanilla bean allowing the oils to blend with the brown sugar, creating a soft aroma that is carried from first scent to lingering flavor. Peychaud’s bitters is light, sweet, and floral, brightening the smoothness of oak and rye. Squeezing the lemon rind over the finished cocktail releases fresh citrus oils creating an aromatic contrast that is reminiscent of those horseback riding days through our great american prairies.

"The Outkast"

Nolet gin, Chartreuse, Luxardo, lemon juice, topped with champagne

So fresh and so clean! This pungent, sweet, and sour cocktail is our slight twist on a classic, The Last Word. It has just as much depth and character as the band it was inspired by. The amazing mix of liquors and liqueurs are woven to create an incredible pallet cleanser that can be appreciated by every corner of your taste buds. The herbal kick of Green Chartreuse, the sweet elegance of Marasca cherries in Luxardo, the dry botanicals in Nolet Gin and the tangy break of fresh lemon juice create a burst of aromas to please the not-so-faint hearted. Topping it off with champagne provides the right amount of POP in every sip. “The Outkast” is elegant, complex, and enticing with just enough character to make you sing for more.

"Poison Heart"

Ron Zacapa rum, Campari, Cedilla Acai Liqueur, lime juice, ginger beer

The poison, coming soon... 

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